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FEMPIREfreight is the leading international freight forwarder and shipping consolidation service provider. We are here to eliminate the challenges of shipping worldwide and we aim to make sourcing high-quality products a hassle-free process. Our end-to-end logistics approach saves you time and money.
We offer hassle-free shipping with transparent rates and offer exclusive deals from your favorite suppliers. Our services are tailored to meet your business and personal shopping needs.

  • Fast Worldwide delivery

    We partner with multiple express carriers, including DHL to ensure your goods are delivered on time, every time. We guarantee 4-8 days EXPRESS delivery to over 220 destinations worldwide.


    Save time and money! `We will receive all your packages from multiple suppliers and ship them to you in a single shipment.

  • 24/7 Support

    You snooze, you lose. We like to win so we are always awake and readily available to assist you. Contact us on WhatsApp at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

no two deliveries are the same. Book a same day delivery online in minutes and we will get in touch with you to confirm your booking.

Where is FEMPIREfreight located?

How can I provide my supplier with the warehouse address?

Copy and paste our warehouse address from your customer dashboard, send to your suppliers via chat on the Alibaba or AliExpress website. We recommend informing your suppliers before you complete your orders.Let them know you would like your order to be shipped to your local shipping agent in China and request for your shipping fee to be reduced before you pay (your order may be eligible for discounts).

Can you ship to my agent henan province, China

What if my supplier refuses to ship within China?

No worries! Ask your supplier for their contact information (WeChat), and we will arrange the delivery of your orders to our warehouse.

Can you purchase goods on my behalf?

Yes we will source anything you need! REQUEST A QUOTE on the home page, copy and paste product URL links and order details.We will quote you on the total cost of all your items, plus our 5% commission. Your order will be placed after you've completed payment.

Do you provide order fulfilment and dropshipping services?

Yes! We will store your inventory in our warehouse and we will prepare and ship confirmed orders to your customers.
We welcome all dropshippers, your suppliers can send your confirmed order for us, to forward on to your customers. As a bonus, we offer customised packaging and will add any additional marketing materials to your orders per your request. *Increase your brand awareness with your own customised packaging. ** Fulfil your orders faster with affordable shipping rates. *** Optimize delivery time (AliExpress shipping time is slow and bad for business)

Do you offer FREE STORAGE?

Yes! You can store your goods in our warehouse for FREE for up to 14 DAYS. After 14 days, your goods will incur a $7/ week charge for items below 10kg, $40/ month per cbm.

When is the shipping fee due?

Shipping fees MUST be paid before your shipment is dispatched to our couriers. We are unable to quote shipping costs before we receive your items. We will pack and repackage your goods to ensure safety during transit and optimize the size of your shipment and to save you money on shipping fees


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About the founder

FEMPIREfreight is here to transform the way e-commerce businesses operate. We were born out of a genuine desire to accomplish one thing: to figure out the costly shipping phenomenon and simplify, complex supply chains for e-commerce businesses

Quewone Bailey


Our story begins with our founder, Quewone, who saw a gap between small businesses and the global marketplace. After struggling to find affordable shipping options and maintain quality control for her own online stores, Quewone was primed to create an end-to-end logistics solution for e-commerce businesses, she sooner founded FEMPIREfreight

With a history of success in e-commerce, today FEMPIREfreight serves a worldwide audience and is a leading international freight forwarder who empowers small businesses to compete and thrive globally.

We use our exclusive global network of warehouses, manufactures and couriers that allows us to offer the most competitive prices in the logistics industry. Our dedicated team is 100% eager and equipped to represent your business interests in China. Our service to you brings us further in our founder’s vision of plotting new courses and modernizing the logistics industry