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OUR Process


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    Create Your Account

  • Step: 2

    Send Your packages to our warehouse in China

  • Step: 3

    We combine all your packages into one shipment

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    Delivered to your doorsteps Happy Unboxing

our services

At FEMPIREfreight we specialize in product sourcing and worldwide delivery from China. We conduct strict quality control inspections, source high quality products and services and safely transport goods to over 220 destinations worldwide. As your reliable logistics partner, we provide cost-effective shipping solutions and access to global markets. We simplify all the steps and guarantee buyer’s confidence so you can grow and maintain a successful e-commerce business


Combine multiple packages from your favourite suppliers into ONE shipment. Saving time & money on international shipping fees

International shipping

Worldwide shipping to over 220 destinations.


Send us multiple confirmed orders from your suppliers, we will sort and forward each package to your customers according to your instruction

ware housing

14 Days FREE storage. Long term storage available starting at $7


We can buy products for you to secure a better bargain in Chinese markets. All you have to do is send us URL links of your desired items and details including: colour, size, quantity etc. One of our purchasing agents will do your shopping.

Order fulfilment

Store your inventory with us. We will process your incoming orders from your online store. Our order fulfilment process includes receiving, picking, packing and delivering your orders to your customers. Your orders will be packaged in standard packaging or your own logo branded packaging and marketing materials.


We will inspect your goods to ensure you get exactly what you ordered. Photos and videos are provided upon request.

fast delivery

Save money and time when using any of our reliable shipping options to keep your business running smoothly.
Express 4-8 days
Standard 8-16 days
Seafreight 6-12 weeks

24/7 Support

Contact us on WhatsApp at any time. Our dedicated team provides you with 24/7 support to resolve any issues